Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Disappearing Boy

So, hopefully you've noticed that I haven't posted my weekly story in two weeks (if my math and memory serve.)

It's not because I'm lazy.

It's because a gauntlet has been thrown, and I have been given a opportunity and a challenge that could greatly alter the course of my life, so I have been devoting all my energy into that project.

A good friend of mine has written a feature film, and received a good portion of funding to shoot it.

Another good friend has already shot a feature film.

Yet another good friend with filmmaking aspirations frantically texted me late one night.

"Holy shit, man. We both have to write something great now. No excuses."

The four of us have collectively pooled our talents, interests, and equipment together and we're hoping to help each other produce some really great stuff.

I've been working on a feature-lenght screenplay based off my experiences growing up in Stevenson, and more specifically, my experiences with religion.

I'm trying to finish a first draft by the end of October, then have a shooting script ready by the end of this year.

The script takes place over the course of one summer, so I'm planning on taking care of pre-production stuff from January to March/April then shooting from April until July/August.

I'll hopefully have a cut of the film to send around to various festivals next September.

Despite loving Stevenson very much, this is absolutely the only reason I'm staying here now.

The film needs to be shot in and around Stevenson.

So, there won't be any blog posts for a while. I love doing them, and I appreciate all the support, constructive criticisms, and kind words from you guys.

I hope to pick them back up after I finish writing my screenplay. (I have 3 half-completed stories ready to be finished.)

So, pray for me, keep your fingers crossed, etc. and I will hopefully report back victorious.

Finally, and I cannot say it enough...

Thank you.

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