Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Drew Meeks Update

So, I wrote about Drew Meeks a few weeks ago and sent him the link.

He always told me to make a movie about him, so I thought the story might be a nice consolation prize for the time being.

The next day I got a very nice response from him, so I thought I'd share it as a bonus post.

ME: Hey, man. Hope everything is going well.

The reason I'm sending you this is because I wrote something about us in high school. I've been writing a story every Thursday, and last week I wrote mainly about you.

It's not quite a movie about the legend that is Drew Meeks, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

P.S. A movie's not out of the question. Keep a lookout for it. Also, we need to go fishing sometime and catch up.

DREW: Haha. What makes your blog ironic is that I'm saved and have been baptized. lol. No torture and suffering for me. 

What suprises me is how accurate your memory is. Yeah, so it might not be a movie now, but its on the way.

We definately need to get together and jaw about the good ol' days. Your story is awesome. 

I look forward to watching your movies in the future and seeing the credits that say directed by Tyler Phillips and telling people" Hey, I fliped that guy in the nipple with a plastic spoon." Hahaha. Thanks for the memories.

He comments on my memories, but I totally forgot that he once flipped me in the nipple with a spoon. There's really not any context to be had... He had come across a plastic spoon one day when we had Coach Kirby's American History class together. He was bending the head of the spoon back and popping our friends on their arms, legs, and ears. When he finally decided to get me, he snuck up and popped me on the nipple.

Then my nipple bled.

Do with that what you will.

Thank you.

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